Video Games for Animals Lovers

Video games for animals lovers
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Video Games for Animal Lovers

Video game slots are an integral part of every entertainment portal. It has become an important part of any casino thanks to its classics. This is the first type of gambling that appeared on the expanses of America and Australia in the nineteenth century and spread over time to the territory of Canada, and also reached the shores of New Zealand. Initially, it was just cars that took a maximum of five cents. Now it is the most popular way to relax and get distracted after a hard-working day.
On all game portals combined now, there are more than a thousand different video slots. They exist in a huge variety of all stripes and breeds. Now you can even find slots based on movies or TV shows. Games as entertainment are now produced by almost every game provider, in a wide variety, and with excellent quality. Recently, games began to be produced in high quality.

Brand Rating
Slots Casino 9,4/10 Play now!
Dunder Casino 9,7/10 Play now!
Video Slots Casino 9,8/10 Play now!
Betwinner Casino 9,7/10 Play now!
Cryptowild Casino 9,8/10 Play now!

This review is dedicated to the consideration of special slots that use the technology of creating images using HD.
The most frequently launched games are slots on the subject of movies or TV shows, but other topics are also gaining popularity. For example, here we look at the most popular animal slots and dedicated to friends of our lesser ones. In this category, there are still a large number of interesting entertainments, with different types of games, from jackpots to classic slots. All of them are presented from a variety of providers and released at different times. We will also indicate in which online gaming portals you can try all the games listed below. But for starters, it’s important to understand what kind of slots there are, and how they differ. And also we will help you to figure out which ones will be better for the game and which ones are better for beginners to choose from. Let us introduce you to the concept of RTP and more. So…


Slot Types

In fact, there is a much larger number of types of different video games than we will list now, and here we give only the most basic categories. And the first category will be slots, which laid the foundation for the entire gambling industry.

Classic Slots

The very first gaming machines appeared around 1880 when an American of German descent decided to remake machines that took the money and gave out newspapers to machines that accept money and give out money. This brought him a huge fortune and he began to develop his business. Since then, the gaming egyptian slot machines games have changed and now we see the slots as they are.
Classic slots are the most common and standard games with three reels and three paylines. A player can bet on any winning line. Each such slot itself determines how many bets are minimum and which are maximum. It can also be regulated by the casino itself in which the player decided to try to play this game. There are classic slots in every game portal. They can be found in the category of video slots or in the popular section.

With a higher chance to win

When classic slots ceased to be so interesting, slots with a large number of paylines entered the arena. What does it mean? Imagine that you can only bet on one line on which symbols appear. The chance that you get a jackpot is not so high. Now imagine that you can bet on 10 pay lines right away, so the chances increase? Of course! Now imagine how you can bet on 20 paylines! So the chances are doubled. It is much better and more profitable. Now you can already find a game in which there are more than fifty lines. The drums almost always remain no more than five.


If you are not even impressed with slots with more than 50 paylines, then we present to your attention progressive egypt slots, or as I also call them jackpots. Now let’s understand what a progressive slot is and how it differs from the rest.

When a player bets on a progressive slot, he increases the total jackpot amount. This amount is displayed on all game portals. All that remains for the player is to hit the jackpot if there is only a small amount of luck.

Topic Slots

And now we turn to what we will consider in this review. These are special thematic slots that were developed in the form of films or themed series. Games that we will analyze here with the theme of animals. But the plot of the games can be completely different. It can be games on the theme of Greek deities of ancient Vikings, Egyptian queens, or aliens. You can find a game on completely different topics or plot. If you really love animals or pictures of cute little creatures have always made you tender, then the games from the next section. So its basic name of our egypt slots.


Top 5 Best Animal Slots

Here we have collected five of the most popular games that carry characters with images of animals and other abbreviations. From completely different software.

  1. MegaMoolah is a very famous slot from the manufacturer Microgaming. This jackpot is in almost every online casino. One of the most popular progressive slots in Egland. In April 2021, the game gave the lucky 16 million euros. The slot is made with images of wild lions and untamed jungle. Now entertainment is again beginning to gain popularity and increase the number of jackpots. We strongly recommend that you try to bet and try your luck! because one player has already managed to do so in April.
  2. Jungle Games by NetEnt – here you can enjoy symbols with images of hippos, penguins, giraffes, and other exotic animals. During the gameplay, you can even get free spins for free games and play in the amount of 25. And do not forget that these will be additional spins to those that the casino gives out as a welcome bonus. There are five reels and about ten paylines on the interface. Behind some symbols, you can find fruits that give extra chips and bonuses.
  3. Happy Jungle by Playson – a very bright and colorful design that directly conveys the mood of tropical latitudes. Also, as symbols, there are also letters that are decorated in the style of the jungle. Also in the slot, you can get to the same unique symbols such as Wild, Lemur, and Bonus. Each of them brings its own specific type of bonus. This game is especially good to cheer you up especially if you do not have enough tropical heat.
  4. Safari Heat by Novomatic – here you can try out symbols in the idea of ​​safari and acacia, which are masked shares and bonuses, as well as scatters. The slot can be customized for itself, that is, adjust the settings yourself in the lower console of the game. And as a design in the game, there are images of lions and wildlife of the Savannah.
  5. Piggy Riches by NetEnt – stop talking about lions and savannahs. What about domestic pigs? These rich pink pigs own a huge fortune and are ready to share it with you. This is a classic slot decorated in a themed style. Five reels and about sixteen paylines. Try to bet now!


Online Platform where you can play animal slot games

We decided to simplify your task even further and compiled a list of casino sites where you can play the slots listed above. Each game portal cooperates with certain game providers, so before starting a game on an online site, look at what software it works with. There are those that receive games from only one software, and those that update their games every month. This is not the top of the best casinos, but it is here that you can play those very favorite slots. So, let’s begin.

Sloty Casino

We chose this particular gaming portal to open a list of all sites for one main reason. Now we all live in the digital age, and it is extremely important for us that all operations on the Internet, money or others, occur very quickly. Slot casino provides just such an opportunity, how to withdraw money from the site as soon as possible, namely in just 2 hours. At the same time, deposits are credited to the player’s account instantly. In addition, the site provides huge limits on the withdrawal of money from the site. Maximum per month from the site you can withdraw 22 thousand dollars. Do you know a game portal where you can withdraw more in a month? And this is all for only three years of its existence, since the site was launched in 2017. At the same time, you can find live chat on your homepage, write to e-mail, or call the hotline.

Dunder Casino

We have already talked about the gaming portal with the highest cash limits, but what about the casino account, where is the largest number of games? The site Dander has a really huge number of slots and other others. Namely, the pain of the six hundred. This portal has been operating since 2016, and already has the largest number of progressive slots on the site. Therefore, it is here that you will find the same slot called MegaMulah. In addition, what kind of casino is it without live croupiers. Here you can choose from a very wide range of table games that are available to play with live dealers. And for the safety of every entertainment, the site uses an SSL encryption system. Thus, providing not only fair but also a safe game. No scam!

Videoslots Casino

If you want to compare games from the maximum number of providers, then you need to Dander. The site provides an opportunity to try games from a huge number of software. It is here that you can compare and pick up the game that will suit most of all. And by the way, here you can withdraw 30 thousand dollars a month. The only problem for you may be that there are more ways to make a deposit than withdrawal. Nevertheless, the casino has excellent licenses that make the platform safe for the game. Namely, these are licenses from Malta, Great Britain, and also from Sweden. If this does not seem convincing to you, then what do you know about eCOGRA? This is a system that issues licenses to gaming portals if the site meets all gambling standards. This difference is a clear sign of a respectable gaming portal. And you definitely shouldn’t pass by.

Betwinner Casino

What is a good casino for you? In addition to high limits and nice bonus systems that don’t require special bonus code or promo code, it also has a good support service. If the site offers an extensive help system, then it does not care about its players. Therefore, we have a casino with a qualified team of managers who are always ready to provide a service and give a helping hand. Here we have a telephone hotline, which you can call in accordance with your tariff operator, live chat on a site that works around the clock. Email address where you can send a complaint or a question that requires extensive discussion. And this is of course the FAQ section. Here are collected short answers to those nuances that most often pop up especially for new registered users. Therefore, do not worry that you will be left without support and help.

Cryptowild Casino

The name of the game portal speaks for itself. Here the player will be able to bet in the form of cryptocurrency. Why is this convenient? First of all, it is safer and also legal. Let’s explain why. If gambling bets are prohibited in many countries, then cryptocurrency bets are available almost everywhere. It is quick and easy, and much easier than replenishing an account in another currency. Moreover, this also makes it possible to use the Provably Fair system. This system allows you to safely monitor the game’s fodom or see how the game process went when it all ended. Be sure to advise you to bet in cryptocurrency at least once. It is easy and simple, and also very fast.


Try out Favorite games on mobile

It is absolutely not important what device you use, and it is absolutely important on what software it is. This is all real if you want to try playing on your mobile phone or tablet. All casinos that we have listed above are fully configured for the mobile version. This means that the player does not have to be attached to a laptop or computer. Just enter on your mobile device in the browser the name of the casino in which I would like to play and enjoy the gameplay while sitting in an armchair. It is also worth noting that it is not only to play, but also to make deposits is also convenient with the help of your devas. You can turn on the EasyPay function and pay for all operations with one touch.


Final Advice

Now, our dear reader, when you know all the intricacies of gambling, especially free slots treasures of Egypt, let me give you a couple of tips and instructions for the future.

  • Always pay attention to the RTP slot you want to play. The percentage of RTP will mean how much money the game will probably return to you after you make your first bet.
  • Before you put real money on the game, try to play the game in the demo version, where you can understand for yourself whether the slot suits you or not. This version provides almost a lot of gaming providers, but more precisely, you can already see it on the site of the casino itself.
  • You can always look at the history of the slot, and find out who and when won the last prize here.
  • And the last and most important tip. Never aim to get a huge jackpot. You should play only for your pleasure and enjoyment, and not for victory!

by Alexander Ware