Common information about gold video games

Common information about gold video games
What should you know about gold free games
●    Slot types
●    Technical classification
●    Bonuses slots
Where you can find gold stacks slots
●    Sloty Village
●    Webbyslot Casino
●    YoYo Casino
●    Vulkanbet Casino
Top 5 free game for gold
Advantages of playing on mobile
Final Thoughts

Common information about gold video games

Are you sure that you know everything about slot games? In this review, we have collected all the basic information on gambling, and specifically about online video gold slots.
Have you ever wanted to feel like a luxury or imagine yourself in gold? Or maybe you like the golden paraphernalia? Or perhaps you have always been close to the theme of wealth and money? In this case, it presents your attention to the golden slots. What kind of games is this? Gold slots do not differ much from standard classic slots, but with this main feature. This type of video game is distinguished by its bright golden design, with symbols in the form of gold coins, money, and jewelry. This is what they call luxury or luxury. Also, these games are distinguished by a large number of bonuses in the form of additional tablecloths or wild symbols.
But bonuses are not the main feature of the slots. The main task of the golden slots is to immerse the player in an atmosphere of wealth and prosperity. Letting him dream of large sums and luxurious furnishings while sitting right in his chair at home.
Here we will tell you by what criteria it is better to choose and determine the best slots. What you should pay attention to when choosing a gold slot and why it is important. In which casinos is it better to play these games and how do these gaming portals differ from others. All this and more awaits you in the sections below.

Brand Rating
Sloty VIllage Casino 9,6/10 Play now!
Webbyslot Casino 9,6/10 Play now!
Yo Yo Casino 9,6/10 Play now!
Vulkanbet Casino 9,2/10 Play now!
Casino 888 9,5/10 Play now!


What should you know about gold free games

Before we move on to the analysis of the most popular gold slots, as well as to where we can find them, we offer to understand what are the characteristic differences in the slot industry. Here we will understand what qualities distinguish one slot from another.
If you read this review, then you are definitely up to date with all the basic game terms. Therefore, we will not dwell on a detailed analysis of each moment and move on to the general gaming classification. And for starters, we’ll figure out what kind of slots there are.

Slot types

  • Classic slots. At the moment, there are already more than several thousand different slots in the world. The first slots that the world saw were Classic. These are called games that have standard five or three reels and as many paylines. These are games with standard symbols, in the form of familiar cherries. The rules are simple, the gambler bets on any of the lines and spin the drum.
  • Over time, slots with several paylines began to appear. The creators of the games noticed that the more lines, the more the player bets on them. So the game becomes more interesting and more excitement wakes up. Therefore, now you can find slots even with fifty pay lines. And you can bet on each.
  • When 50 or more winning lines were not enough, progressive slots came into play. This is a special kind of game that can make you a millionaire. If in any other slot you can make only a certain amount of the bet and win the maximum that the developers of the slot set yourself, then in progressive, you can make a small bet and win a really huge jackpot. The slot works this way: users from different game portals place bets on this jackpot, and they are all summarized and saved; then, some lucky player bets on this jackpot and breaks a huge jackpot. Thus, in April 2021, the player will receive $ 16 million from the MegaMulah jackpot.
  • Themed slots or games with a plot. Often they are created following the example of some kind of movie, cartoon, computer game, or other. The heroes of our today’s review, gold slots, also belong to this category. Since they are decorated on the theme of wealth.

Technical Classification

In addition to the number of paylines and jackpot amounts, it is important to distinguish between games according to their technical characteristics. And first of all, this is the percentage of RTP. This abbreviation shows the percentage of the possible return to the player from his bet. This information can be found on the manufacturer’s website or in the settings of the slot itself. Therefore, we can immediately advise you to choose games with the highest percentage of RTP.
More slots are distinguished by quality. For example, 3D slots use special technology, which makes them as clear as possible, and with an excellent image transfer function. Classic slots are created using regular drawing. Games can be in AshDi quality, as well as using HTML technology.
It is also always worth paying attention to which system saves the game. For example, games made specifically for Bitcoin betting, use the Provably Fair system and protect players from fraud or the likelihood of cheating. Other game providers use the encryption system when creating a CFL game. Such a system ensures that the game selects only random numbers to select a winner.

Bonuses Slots

Another category of games that does not leave indifferent any player. The essence of these games is to disrupt and increase your winnings. This can be done this way if special symbols such as Wild or Skaters appear on the game panel. These symbols can multiply the winnings or add additional spin to the player.
In addition to bonuses that offer bonuses in games, you should also not forget that the casino in which you decided to place bets makes it possible to receive a bonus for the first registration. Such bonuses do not require any promo codes. They give extra free spins for games. Or you can simply choose money as a welcome bonus.


Where you can find gold stacks slots

There are a lot of gaming pranks with slots, but few of them are good. Therefore, we have chosen for you the top 3 casino gaming portals where you can play the slots, which we will tell you about below.

Sloty Casino

The game portal which is available in five languages. Of these, it is Swedish, English, and German. The portal also has a license from three countries at once. This is from Malta, the UK, and Sweden. This game portal is a real incarnation of a living island where you can build your captain and become what you dreamed of. An extensive VIP system allows players to visit wonderful worlds and move up the stairs at high speed. The site is a vivid fantasy flight where the player can play their favorite slots. It is also worth noting that the maximum amount of withdrawal per month from the game portal is 22 thousand euros.

Webbyslot Casino

At first glance, it might seem that this game portal is aimed solely at making bets on online virtual sports. But this is not so. The game portal features a huge number of video slots in which each of you can try your luck.
The main feature of the portal will be that the site received several approvals from various online portals. Moreover, the website uses the same SSL encryption system that we previously examined. The game portal provides online support in the form of live chat, hotline, and support mail.

YoYo Casino

Even though this site is banned in many countries, it is still one of the most popular gaming portals in the gambling market. All thanks to excellent support service and a large and varied number of video slots. You will definitely remember this site thanks to its memorable design. Home navigation is as convenient as possible. All sections are divided and sorted by subject. The license for the site is located in Curacao and another in Sweden. A great advantage of the casino is that it provides the opportunity to make deposits in a large number of currencies. And registration is faster than you stand in line for bread. Therefore, do not waste time in vain.


Top 5 free game for gold

Now we come to the most delicious section of this review. This is the top of the best gold slots that we have collected and found for you. These are slots from different manufacturers and can be found in the casinos that we told you about earlier. So, let’s begin:

  1. Golden Goddess Slot – will take you to the atmosphere of ancient Greece, where you can win a large amount of money. The slot offers you 40 paylines. The gambler also has the ability to rotate 5 reels at once. There are all the symbols that will be interesting to the player and which give a bonus. The provider of this game is IGT.
  2.  Gold Slot by Microgaming – a game with as many as twenty paylines. The maximum number of jackpots a slot can offer you is 10,000 euros. The RTP in the slot is 96%. Players will enjoy the symbols in the form of gold letters. This is exactly what you need if you want to feel surrounded by wealth and precious stones.
  3. Goldorado Slot bu PariPlay is another gold style game. The game will take you to the ancient Aztec civilization. RTP in this game is 96% and this means that the slot will bring you definitely a win! In total there are 25 paylines. By tradition, there are only 5 drums left.
  4. Goldify Slot – symbols with images of deities, gold chips, and bonuses with each new back. This is exactly what awaits you when playing Goldivay. This game managed to win the hearts of many players and gathered a large audience around it. Here you can bet on more than 40 winning lines, and the RTP is 95%.
  5. Cleopatra Slot by IGT is a game whose name speaks for itself. The wealth of Egypt and the gold of Cairo, that is what will meet new players who decide to try to play the slot. 20 lines to win, and 5 classic reels. The rules of the game for this video slot are the same as when playing in classic slots. You bet on a winning line and just then enjoy how new winning symbols fall out. RTP – 95.02%


Advantages of Playing on Mobile

And now, listing all the golden slots, imagine that you play all these slots at home, lying in bed under your favorite blanket. But what about the computer, you ask? And why do you need it if you can play your favorite games from a mobile device, tablet or phone?
Most online gaming portals offer all their online games to play from a mobile device. You can download game files to the device or just go to the browser. All the slots that we described support the game on a mobile device. Moreover, making bets via a mobile phone can be much more convenient than using a PC. And all for the reason that if you bet on a mobile device, you can make deposits several times faster. Just attach your fingerprint and you will be able to pay everything instantly without entering card details and a password that you always forget. This is a convenient way that many do not underestimate. In addition, get help in live chat and other casino functions will be available in mobile game mode. Try it today!


Final Thoughts

We talked about the most popular gold slots and about where you can find them. In the end, we can give you a couple of tips on how to make your game safer and bring only pleasure.
Many gambling can be addictive. Therefore, each game portal provides such services for their customers, which are called safe games. This function implies several types of limits and restrictions. There are limits that limit your gameplay to make it more secure. For example, a player can set a limit on the time spent on the site. After the lapse of time set by the player himself, the site itself lets you know that the time has expired.
Further, there are several limits on deposits and losses. The most important point is that the player independently chooses and sets all his limits. There are also several rest periods. The player independently sets the time during which he would like to take a break from playing on the site. During this period, he can’t access the site and play games, and all achievements will be saved and returned when the player decides to restore his account.
Gambling is only about pleasure and joy, so play only to enjoy the game!

by Alexander Ware